Step By Step Guide For Installing Track Lights At Home


Lighting is an important element which helps in enhancing the overall decor of your home. We use different types of light in different rooms in your home. Lights in your home have different use and purpose. Can you imagine life without light? I am sure it must be very difficult to live life without lights in old days. These days lights were not only used to illuminate a dark room, but it plays a vital role in our life. Since its inception, we have witnessed a drastic change in lights. Technological advancements have given birth to specific types of light. For example, during the olden days, fuel lamps were the primary source of light until Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Thanks to him light has become so helpful.

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Talking about light bulbs and lighting fixture, there are many varieties available in the market in different shapes and sizes. We have LED, CFL, Table Lamp, Chandelier, Track Light etc. We have previously covered Track Light. If you are planning to install track lights at your home, then this guide can be helpful

Common-source-of-lights-at-home -CFL-LED-bulbs
LED, CFL and Bulbs are common sources of light in your home

Track light installation can be tricky and frustrating. People with less or no experience with installation of any light can find themselves in trouble. That’s why we are going to make it easy for our readers to understand the process. If you have decided to install track light by yourself than you need some important tool for this job.

Tools for track light installation:

You need some basic tools to mount a track light. You will need a:

  • a screwdriver
  • a drill machine
  • a measuring tape
  • a pen or pencil
  • a pair of safety gloves
  • an aluminum ladder (adjustable)
  • a voltage tester.

Keep the instruction manual handy. It will assist you in navigating the tricky parts and make your job lot easier. If you face any difficulty in understanding the instruction manual or you are not confident enough with working with tool, then it is recommended to leave the work to expert.

Note: –

Before you proceed with installation, make sure your main power is turned off and any electricity isn’t running in the wires.

Steps: –

  • Turn off the main power supply and make sure that there is no electricity running in the wires. If it is still running, then abort the task.
  • Determine the area on the wall or roof where you want to install the track light. Measure the length and width of the area where you want to install the track lights.
  • Check for the nearest power source or board.
  • Take a pencil and mark the area where you want to mount the track lights.  Also take an idea of where the wiring for track light will be lay.
  • Install a mounting strap on the ceiling. If the ceilings are concrete-made, then you might face difficulties
  • Cut the track section into measured length.
  • Make hole in the track. If there is already hole than its good
  • Lay down the underground wires. Some track lights have a dual hole. One for wires and one for the lamp.
  • Mark the ceiling with a pencil running in the track section hole to ensure alignment between track section hole and wall hole.
  • Now position track section with mounting saddle.
  • Attach a protective cover on mounting saddle.
  • Cap the open ends of the track with cap fitting.
  • Now the important thing is that some tracks are slither, where you can slide the attached light to your desired location. But some track comes with a fixed fixture, where you can only fix the lamp on given points.
  • Now fix the direction of the light to desired location.
  • Turn of the main switch and check for any errors and faults.

It is always recommendable to not leave any wires cut or open. It can cause serious problems. Make sure all the wires are covered and hidden. If you face any issue, then you can hire a Tapp Me certified electrician to mount the track lights for you.



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