What is Track Lights & Why Get One For Your Home


Note:- This is a series post. If you have missed our previous blog post than we recommend you to read the previous blog post first.

If you want to add an extra element to your home decor, you are probably thinking about a piece of  new art or painting which can complement your space. Often times we don’t pay much attention to room lighting and we miss the benefits of lighting for the overall decor of the room. Currently, there are different types of lights and bulbs available in the market. But oftentimes you find yourself in a situation where you can’t decide between which lighting to be chosen and which not. Well this blog isn’t about choosing the right lights for your home, we have covered that previously. We are discussing Track Lights, the hottest trend in  the light market.

So What is Track Light Anyway?

Track light are helpful for illuminating specific place, corners at your home. You can use track light in different places at your home. A track light is a lighting fixture which can be mounted on either the ceiling or a wall to create specific illumination. Track is basically a monorail, which has electric conductors that power lights.

The fixture can be done in three variation Halo(H), Juno(J) and Lightolier Track (LT). Halo(H) is sought after track lighting system in the market and it is easily accessible in the market. But you might face some difficulties finding Juno(J) and Lightolier (LT) in the market and these setups are costly as compared to Halo(H) setup. The cost of track light depends upon the types, brands and the quality of the lights.  

Depending upon your needs and budget you can buy a track light which suits your needs. 

If you need any help with track light installation, you can always call a Tapp Me expert electrician for installation. Our services comes with 15 days warranty.


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