How to use a drill machine at home?


Answers to frequently asked questions while using a drill machine

It is true that Home needs Love the most but along with that its maintenance is equally important so that its beauty lasts for years.


For a successful Home Maintenance, you ought to have a basic toolkit at your home for immediate repair jobs. A basic toolkit generally includes a drill machine, nails & bolts, hammer, spanner & Tester. Other things are easy to us and handle but a drill machine. Since the drill machine looks fancy, many people buy it but never use it because they don’t know how to use a drill machine. It seems complex but once understood, very easy to operate.

We have answered all the questions which generally people think of while using a drill machine.

1. Which type of drill machine to be used for Home?drill-machine

There are many types of drill machines available at home but the common one for Homes is ‘Hand Drill’. You can use it for making a concrete hole, hanging paintings, putting up shelves, installing various lights and other small jobs.

2.Which is the best drill machine brand?drill-machine-types

If you are planning to buy a drill machine, prefer using brands; Bosch, DEWalt, Black Decker, and Makita.

3.How to choose a drill bit?

Every drill machine comes with a multiple drill bits, used for various jobs.

Purpose Which type of drill bit should be used?
Hole for a screw or a rivet Simple Drilling Bit
Enlarging previous holes and metal work Reaming Bit
Wood Work Boring Drill Bits

4. How to adjust the speed of the drill machine?drill-machine-speed

Use Higher speed range for :- Light Cuts, Softer Materials & Non-Metallic

Use Lower speed range for :- Heavy Cuts, Hard/Tough materials

5.How to place drill machine properly?drill-machine-3

Adjust the height of the table with respect to your height. The ideal height is when you do not have to bend down or stretch upwards to comfortable handle the material.

6.How to mark the depth in the drill machine?drill-machine-depth

Measure and mark the required depth with a pencil or a masking tape whichever is available at that moment.

7.How to hold the drill machine while using?drill-machine-setting

You need to hold the drill with one hand like a gun placing your index finger on the “trigger”. If the drill has another handle for your other hand to hold, use it. And if it doesn’t, you can simply place your other hand at the back of the drill.

8.How to make a hole with the drill machine?drill-machine-Marking

  • Mark the point where you want to drill using a pencil. You can mark it with a dot or a small cross; just make sure your mark isn’t too big
  • Place your drill on the mark, apply enough pressure to hold it in place but do not press too hard
  • Start using the Drill using a low speed or in short burst. Make a shallow hole first that will guide the drill so you make the hole exactly on the mark as expected
  • Later, you can shift to a high speed once your hand is set while drilling
  • Stop when you reach the desired depth

Hope this article has successfully answered all the questions which were going in your head until now. Using it at home shall only be for small purposes like hanging frames, clocks, hole in the drill etc. For any big  like TV cable installation, Bathroom fittings installation or Mirror installation, always look for a professional Technician for a safe & hassle-free experience.

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