9 Common Washing Machine Problems And Their Solutions

washing machine problems


Washing machine problems are very common while operating it for laundry. If you rely on  a washing machine for laundry and it oftentimes shows signs of technical issue, then you are not alone. There are many common reasons why your washing machine isn’t working. Some issues are minor but some issues are major and these can cause lots of trouble. It is a wise decision to call an expert if you face any major issue with your washing machine. We would recommend you not to solve the problem by yourself unless you are an expert.

Talking about the issue, these days we have different types of washing machine models available in the market. Some washing machines have different types of technical issues due to their hardware infrastructure but the common issue still remains same with the majority of models of washing machine. To address your washing machines’ minor and major issues, we have categorized these issues so that you can easily understand the problems. Washing machine problems are common and pretty annoying when you have loads of laundry to do and suddenly your washing machine stop working. Everyone can relate to this problem in daily life. Here are the few common washing machine problems and their solutions:  

My Washing Machine is Not Turning On!

The possible issue is that the washing machine is not getting proper electricity. It can be due to a broken switch or socket board where you have plugged in your washing machine. Check properly if there is electricity on the board or not. Sometimes a loose plug can create similar issues. In India, rats sometimes cut the main electric supply wire, which create interruption in electricity supply in the washing machine. If you see a cut on the wire, consider getting it changed by an expert electrician or it can create electrical sparks. Cut and damaged wire can also damage a washing machines internal motors and switches. So it is a good idea to change the wire before it leads to serious damage.

My Washing Machine Does Not Drain Properly

One of the most common washing machine problem users face is the water not draining out of the washing machine, which is caused by clog in drain hose. Sometimes the drain tube is clogged due to a piece of metal or any component. Another scenario could be that the pump in the washing machine not working properly. The job of the pump is to eject the water after every cycle. But a damaged or faulty pump will not be able to perform the task effectively and cause drainage issues.  

My Washing Machine is Facing a Lid Switch Issue.

Washing machines are programmed to stop functioning if the top lid is open. This function is programmed for the safety of the user. Many times the lid is not properly closed by the user, which cause such types of problem. There is a small piece of plastic located under the lid. Check if the switch is damaged or broken. If it is not working properly your washing machine wouldn’t run. If you notice such type of issue, make sure you call an expert technician to fix the issue.

My Washer is Not Spinning Properly

This is another common washing machine problem you can face with your machine. There are many reasons which cause such types of issue in your washing machine. The most common reason for not agitating the washer is either the motor is damaged or belts are damaged and need replacement. But there are other factors such as drain pump issue or  too large loads that can cause such types of issues. If the washing machine washer is not spinning or agitating then the main motor in your washing machine is either dead or needs servicing. Until or unless this issue is fixed, your washing machine washer would not function properly.

Washing machine have different types of belts inside its mechanism. If these belts are broken or antiquated then the washer wouldn’t spin properly. Make sure you check these every 2 years. If you have overloaded the washer with loads of dirty clothes then it wouldn’t spin properly.  Every washing machine has a limited capacity to take loads for washing the clothes. If you over exceed the capacity, your machine won’t work properly.

Other technical issue such as faulty wire inside the machine can be associated with such type of event. It is best to call a skilled technician to fix the issue.

My Washing Machine Has a Water Leakage Problem

Leakage problems in a washing machine is annoying and the solution can be easy or some time complex. This issue is common and require patience to fix it. There are many reasons for leakage in a washing machine. If your drain hose is clogged or damaged, then it can cause leakage problem. Make sure you check the drain home properly, Water-inlet leak can be a cause for water leakage in the washing machine. If you have front-load washing machine then you can experience water leaking on door seal on the washing machine. Over time debris amass on the seal door, which cause issue with locking the doors

My Washing Machine is Shaking and Vibrating

Washing machine shaking and vibration is a common issue with washing machines. The main reason  for such type of issue is a floor which isn’t properly leveled and aligned with the washing machine. If you are facing this issue, try to relocate the washing machine on a flat floor. If you have overloaded the washer load with dirty cloths, you tend to face the same issue. Make sure you don’t over-exceed the load else the washing machine will keep shaking.

My Washing Machine is Making Noises

The noise problem can be caused by many factors such as excess loads, issue with internal motor, foreign objects in the washer, and other possible reasons. If you notice any sound coming out of the washer, it is an indication that either any foreign objects, a piece of metal, or a broken button is present in the washer. Some times an issue with the main motor can be the culprit. If you hear any gurgling sound in the washing machine, then it might be the case the water not properly draining from the drain hose. Check if it is clogged or not. There are other noise issue such as a humming sound which is caused by a foreign object stuck in the pump.T

My Washing Machine Has an Odour Problem

If the washing machine stinks or smells, then you need to inspect your washing machine closely. There are several reasons why your washing machine stinks. One of the most common reasons is mildew and molds. If you do not dry your washer after washing the clothes then this type of issue occurs. Sometimes a burnt wire in the washing machine can cause an unpleasant odour in the washing machine. These type of washing machine problems are hard to detect but the solution is easy.

Other Washing Machine Problems

There are other issue you can face with your washing machine such as timer not working and spins not being completed.

Different types of washing machine brands have different types of issue. It is a good strategy to read user manual if any technical issue arise. If you have a washing machine at your home and need some repair then you can call Tapp Me expert technician to fix your washing machine issues.



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