The Comprehensive Guide For Buying A Water Purifier In India

water purifier buying guide india


A water purifier has become a significant part of our daily life these days. Country like India, where water quality is inadequate in few areas that you can only dream of having safe drinking water for your family. As the summer approaches, dependency on water purifier is likely to surge. People have started to repair their existing water purifier for seamless water delivery, and others who don’t own a water purifier currently are planning to buy a new one this summer. Nevertheless, a water purifier is an essential part of our daily physical need, and safe drinking water is a priority for our health. But picking up a suitable water purifier remains a challenge for the majority of the people. You can easily get lured by a futile water purifier, which will never deliver you a satisfactory results. We tend to buy water purifier on the basis of brand name, price, and availability but the real motive still remain anonymous.

Choosing a water purifier can be tricky, but it can help you achieving several health goals by providing essential nutrients for your body. On the other hands, drinking contaminated water can lead you to serious health issue including stomach infection, gestation, damage to the digestive system and other prolonged serious health problems. Every year, millions of people all around the globe die or fall extremely sick due to drinking contaminated water. The prolonged negative effect of drinking contaminated water is irremediable. So it is necessary to have an adequate water purifier at your home. Before you plan to buy a water purifier, you need to mull over few points first.

Ascertain The Water Types

Water type is a notable factor and needs to be considered solemnly. The type of water in every terrain across the country is not equal, and the quality of water can vary from different terrain to different parts in a country. There is hard water, and there is soft water. Hard water has high-level TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and soft water has low TDS Level. Hard water consists of an extreme level of calcium, magnesium, chloride, and sulphate. These components in the water can cause serious health issues to a human body in the form of a chronic disease. Even boiling hard water at extreme temperature is ineffective to remove all these impurities. For safe drinking water, you need to have TDS level between 150-170 ppm. If the water level TDS level is above 170 ppm, then it is unsafe for drinking. The convenient way to find out TDS level is to call a RO service provider and they can examine the TDS level for you, or you can take water sample to local water board authority and they can check the TDS Level In the water.

Understanding The Types Contamination And Impurities In The Water

Majority of disease in the human body, carried out by drinking contaminated water these days. Some infections are so hazardous that can put your life in great danger. You will find many types of virus and contamination in the water, but not all types of contaminants are harmful. We can categorise impurities in the water in two branches, chemical contaminants, and biological contaminants. The common waterborne disease in the human body caused by drinking contaminated water, these are stomach infection, skin diseases. A Few contaminants including mercury, ammonium are omnipresent in contaminated water, causes serious disease in the human body. On the other hands, E. coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium are the main culprit for the stomach infection. These viruses are so harmful that due to its presence in the stomach, a lot of people die and fall sick all around the world.

Types of Water Purifier

Currently, there are different types of water purifier available in the market. We have previously written a blog post on the type and history of water purifier, you can learn more about the history and the mechanism behind, how a water purifier works. We will not discuss deeply the types of water purifier in this post, but we will help you to understand which type of water purifier is suitable for your. There are three major purification technology widely used in the home for water purification purpose. These are conveniently available in the market

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier

Reverse Osmosis aka RO is widely used for filtering drinkable water in the home. The RO water purification technology is helpful to purify common impurities from the water. RO can successfully filter impurities from salted water. This purification technology is capable of removing harmful virus, bacteria, dead angles, and improves water taste as well. You can easily find an RO water purifier starting from 7000 INR to 10000 INR In India. A RO is capable of purifying major impurities, we would recommend buying an RO for your home. Yet, we don’t guarantee it will deliver you 100% safe drinking water.


Reverse osmosis water purification technology
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A reverse osmosis water purifier is versatile, and it can kill and filter major water contaminates  

Ultraviolet ( UV) Water Purifier

UV water purification is a helpful technology to filter impurities, pathogen, microorganisms and other impurities from the water. Water is run through UV light, which kills harmful components from the water. UV water purification can be only used for low TDS level water. UV water purification technology does not affect water taste and the best feature of UV water purification is, it doesn’t damage essential minerals from the water, which is necessary for human health. You can get a UV water purifier as cheap as 3000 INR in India. If you want some extra layer of filtration, then it can cost you up to 7000 INR. But it totally depends on the brand you choose.  

Ultra violate water purifier
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Activated Carbon Filter Water Purifier 

This is a common and basic water purification method, still used by people in many countries. Due to price and ease of use, many people from the rural area in India still use it. An activated carbon filter is basically a hollow cylinder made of active carbon, and it is helpful in, filtering chlorine and other harmful components from the water. This type of water filter is affordable, but it cannot filter and kill few dangerous virus and bacteria from the water, which is only possible by an RO purifier. You can easily buy an activated carbon filter under 1000 INR to 1500 INR. We would not recommend you to buy this type water purifier for your home.

active carbon filter water purifier


You should pick a water purifier, which is capable of filtering contaminants and bad elements from the water, and deliver us pure and safe drinking water. People who struggle with hard water at their home can utilise water softener technology to soften their water level at their home. Though it might cost you extra rupees, but investment in, good water purification technology will always pay you back.

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