What Did People Use Before Air Conditioners

What Did People Use Before Air Conditioners


Hot summers have always been a challenge for humans, but they effectively invented clever ways to deal with the heat. No matter whether it is a bone-chilling winter, extreme rains or the scorching summer, they have always found some ways to protect or relieve themselves from these types of situation. Having said that, summer has always been an evil for mankind and the invention of the motor fan, air cooler, air conditioners and other inventions has provided a great comfort from extremely hot weather. Noble invention of cooling machinery not only gave the edge to humans over nature, but it also elevated the capability to do certain things which were impossible under hot weather. Recent time, technical advancement helped human to build machinery that can combat extreme weather. But what was the scenario when there was no electricity available and how did ancient humans cool themselves where there was no air conditioner? In the Olden times, people used creative ways to combat hot weather when there was no air conditioner at our home.

Using Different Architecture Style For Home

In the absence of air conditioner and electricity, people built home with the high ceiling so that air flow in the room can easily happen. People built their house nearby to those places where air can enter house easily via the window. They used big windows to allow the air to enter in the room during hot weathers. These windows were a great help in ventilation of air in the room. Another effective way to combat heat is to sit under the porch. This was a convenient way to get relief from hot weather. You will find porch in old style home and these were meant to be used to relax during hot weather.

sitting under porch in summer
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Sitting under porch during summer was an effective way to deal with hot weather

Using Ice Block In The Summer

Ice was a great help in the summer during old days. It is hard to believe that ancient civilization used ice to deal with hot weather. Ice harvesting during the winter and using them during the summer was one of the favourable methods of combating the heat. Though it was quite a challenging task for people collecting ice from the frozen lake and transport it to cooling units. However, it was worth a reward in the summer during those days. These types of task required significant planning and the harvested ice last for few weeks or only for a month.

Ice block during summer
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Using Water Fountains

If you think water fountains are only for enhancing the beauty to a place or a monument then you need to think again. Water fountains were pretty different in the mid-1800s to 1900s as compared to modern fountains. These fountains were the focal point for people during the summer days in old times. Fountains were designed as large troughs so that people can use it more than just drinking water out of the fountain. These fountains were a great way to satisfy thirst and get some relief from the summer. But these fountains were also a major point of disease during these days. Water used to get contaminated due to human direct contact and sometimes these fountains were not cleaned properly which lead to infection and contamination in the water.

water fountains to combat hot weather
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Water fountains were used to provide relief from hot weather

Using Tree Shades

Who doesn’t like to relax underneath a tree during a hot day? I bet everyone. These days we only sit underneath a tree to relax but old days tree shared where a great way to comfort yourself from hot weather and get some relief from hot weather. Those days, a tree was easily accessible everywhere. In the absence of electricity and air conditioner, trees were a great help during the summer. Taking a short break from hard labour work and sitting or napping underneath the shade of a tree was one of the activity done by people old days.

Taking A Nap During The Day

Technological advancements and busy lifestyle have made us workaholic. People spend a great chunk of their time in office working on computers, networking with like-minded people. This is only possible if you can inhibit yourself from natural distraction such as weather. But old days you were incapable of doing these type of things as you did not have resources such as electricity or air conditioner. Those days people were abide to stay home during the days and work late in the evening. Taking a nap during the afternoon was a great way to deal with hot weather. People confined themselves going outside during hot weather old days. They used to work on fields early morning, relaxed themselves during the afternoon and resumed working evening.

Went To Movies In The Summer

Ever heard of a summer blockbuster movie? I guess you have probably heard it several times. After the invention of the air conditioner and first use to ac in a movie theatre movie theatres become a great way to deal with hot weather. Many movie theatres that time installed the air conditioner in their theatre to attract more visitors. This was a successful move and it resulted in a massive visit to the movie theatre during the summer.

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