What are the things to be considered before buying an Air Conditioner?


Here are a few some things you should keep in mind while buying a split AC or window AC

Air Conditioner is one of the appliances which consumes maximum energy, raising up your electricity bills. Like any other electrical appliance, AC too is a long-term investment, which once bought, stays for next 10 years. It then becomes important to take a wise decision. This article will help you with some important factors which should be considered before buying an AC, to make a right buy!

1. Which AC is better – Split or Window?

Split and Window Air Conditioner


A split unit looks aesthetically more pleasing but is also equally expensive. Whereas, a window unit is cheaper but may require some minor renovation in your wall/window.



2. What is Energy Efficiency Rating?

Air conditioner Energy Efficiency Rating



The highest rating is 5/5 meaning that the appliance consumes less electricity for operation as compared to its lower rated peers.


3. What is the best Air Conditioner Brand in India?

Air Conditioner Brands


Branding for an AC is equally important as that will decide the quality of your after sales service and other benefits you receive. Also, check for any additional warranty that the company provides



4. How to determine Cooling Capacity?

AC cooling capacity



You should choose your cooling capacity based on the dimensions of your room. A room that measures 100sq ft. roughly requires an AC with a cooling capacity of one ton. An AC with a cooling capacity greater than what your room requires may cause it switch on and off constantly thus reducing its operational life.





5. What’s the best time to buy an AC?



Nobody needs an air conditioner in the winters. Therefore, existing models end being available at affordable prices.




Buying a right AC for your Home or Office is one part of the job, the other one is to maintain it. With time, your AC will naturally face problems like the compressor not working, AC not cooling, gas leakage etc. If you have an extended warranty, it will work in your favor but if not, be ready to spend a huge amount of money on your local Technician. You have an alternative as well; call Tapp Me, A service provider serving Technicians for all Home & Office Repairs. Tapp Me is a known face in the industry of AC Repair & Maintenance. How about giving it a try?


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